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Changi Airport Shop and Dine
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Changi Airport Shops

SunGlass Hut 
Need a cool sunshade that will take you to the beach or to the glitziest party in town? SunGlass Hut will be your best choice! There is a wide range of brands provided like Gucci, Versace, Vogue to Disney Kid's Shades.
Located in : Terminal 1 &2

A familiar brand for many. Sells sports equipments, accessories, and clothing.
Located in : Terminal 2

Poh Heng Jewellery 
Looking for a necklace or a bracelet to go with your newly purchased night gown? Check Poh Heng Jewellery out as they have a large variety of jewellery for you to choose from. 
Located in : Terminal 1

DFS Venture 
Craving for wine or beer? DFS Venture sells all sorts of wines and beers.
Located in : Terminal 1 & 2

Dufry Computer & Electronices
Sells computers and electronics products such as PC games, mouse, keyboard and others.
Located in : Terminal 2

Cutting Edge 
Forgot to bring your camera? Don't worry, Cutting Edge has all the latest cameras in store for you. They offer various brands such as Olympus, Canon, JVC and Sony.
Located in : Terminal 2

Sweet Treats - Chocolate.Candies.Delicatessen.The Cocoa Trees 
Chocolates and more Chocolates! All these stores sell your favourite chocolate that will definitely please you and satisfy your chocolate cravings!
Located in : Terminal 1 & 2 

DFS FashionWear - Market Place, Levi's, Burberry , Giodano , Mercedes Benz
Here are stores selling T-shirts and other clothing.
Located in : Terminal 1 & 2 

Lip Gloss, face powder, nail lacquer and more. Find all your cosmetics products here
Located in : Terminal 1& 2

Need a new pen or some accessories to give you that high-powered executive look? Visit Montblanc now
Located in : Terminal 2

Times NewsLink
Browse through the latest bestsellers or take a look at the day's paper from all around the world.
Located in : Terminal 2

King Power Fashionwear
Blouses, pants, belt and other items
Located in : Terminal 1

Remembering Singapore
A souvenir shop that will provide you with all the authentic merchandise to remind you of your experience in Singapore
Located in : Terminal 1

Sinchong Meheco 
Prepare for your flight by browsing through the latest health and beauty products at Sinchong Meheco
Located in : Terminal 2

Sell various health care electronic equipments that is capable of enhancing your health.
Located in : Terminal 2

Hugo Boss 
Looking for a new suit or a long sleeve pullover? The right place to visit is Hugo Boss
Located in : Terminal 2

Ralph Lauren 
Ladies looking for a blouse or skirt? This is the place for you.
Located in : Terminal 1

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