Perlini's Silver - 925 Silver from Italy

Perlini's Silver is an Italian based jewellery retailer that sells and make their own jewellery. Their products are all made of 925 sterling silver which is 92.5% pure silver.

Unlike some other jewellery shops that plate their product in silver, Perlini's Silver uses pure 925 silver and does not do any silver plating over their products. This ensures the quality of their products as you won't see thin layers of silver coming off your jewellery over a period of time.

Perlini's Silver ensure their products are in good quality before selling them to the consumers, and they provide good after sales services like cleaning services or resize services. Perlini Silver's products are also very affordable. Earrings have prices that start from as low as $6 to over $100 , bracelets range from $7 dollars to over $100 and many others.

Check out Perlini Silver's website and their outlet locations.

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