Shopping In Chinatown

Chinatown, also known as "Niu Che Shui" in Chinese, was the place where most Chinese immigrants settled down in the 1930s. It a town which is colourfully painted with the unique traditions and cultures of the Chinese.

Chinatown is a nice place to experience ultimate shopping as the prices of things are cheap and bargaining is allowed. Once you step into Chinatown, the things you see and the aroma of Chinese food will familiarise you with the traditions and cultures of the Chinese. Chinatown is located behind the financial district of Singapore.

You can reach there by taking MRT and alighting at the nearest MRT station: Outram Park (EW16) or Chinatown (NE4). 

Shop Houses

You can find rows of shop houses in Chinatown selling Chinese herbs, spices, traditional delicacies, fruits, traditional barbecue pork, Chinese handicrafts, fortune tellers and many others. Shop Houses in Chinatown are the main highlights in Singapore as they have been around since the birth of Singapore and they bring back memories for most of the older generation Chinese. Most of the shop houses in Chinatown have been demolished. But there are others which are still around, and some people are still living in them. So do visit these shop houses and grab some Chinese delicacies for your loved ones!

Chinatown Complex

Here is where the Famous Chinatown Hawker Centre is located. Many local food can be found there. There are also some special food such as turtle soup, catfish, eels and others. There is also a wet market located at the basement floor. In the wet market, you can see fish mongers selling live fish, crabs and eels, meat sellers shouting out their prices and of course many hungry buyers bargaining for their meat and fish. A sight you might not get to see in other countries!

Chinatown Point

You will not miss this building in Chinatown as it is right in the center of New Bridge road and South Bridge road. You can see Chinatown Point once you step out of Chinatown MRT station. This modern building consists of a variety of shops, restaurants and a treasure trove of handicraft shops at Podium B, also known as the Singapore Handicraft Centre.

Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng is the oldest and most important Hokkien temple in Singapore. It was set up by the Hokkiens and it is now well known as the Temple for the sailors.

Sri Mariamman Temple

This magnificent temple at 244 South Bridge Road is Singapore's oldest and most important Hindu temple.

Hong Lim Green

Hong Lim Green was the first public park created in Singapore.

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