Sim Lim Square - Your One Stop IT and Computer Centre

Sim Lim Square is a giant electronics mecca squeezed into one building, with hundreds of specialist stores offering some of the most competitive prices for computers and consumers electronics in Asia.

The first floor is for tourists, selling consumer goods like cameras and video recorders.  The upper floors and the back corridors are where the real deals can be found.  All kinds of computer hardware can be found there from the 3rd floor onwards.  Watch out for pricing tricks (omitting tax, selling included accessories separately, etc) and the occasional outright substitution fraud; unless you know exactly what you're doing and/or need something unusual, you might want to shop at Mustafa instead. Check out VR-Zone's price lists, a local website offering all the price lists available in Sim Lim, making it convenient for buyers to compare prices without making a wasted trip down.

Sim Lim Square is a favorite hangout amongst teenagers who have a passion for computer hardware and electronics, one can often find them checking out the shops for new items available. Competition is stiff thus one can be guaranteed a good deal.  It is also the right place for people who prefer to build their own computers; one can find all the necessary hardware and software components there with little effort.  Besides retailing hardware components, there are also shops selling laptops, MP3 players, cameras and audio equipment.  It is the place for all tech geeks.

Sim Lim Square
(1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504)
Nearest MRT Station : Bugis (EW 12)

Shops from Sim Lim Square

Computer hardware and software

  • Bell Systems and Electronics
  • Cybermind Computer House
  • DAT Computer Systems
  • Fuwell International
  • Video-Pro
  • Skylet


  • Microware Systems
  • AAAs Com Solutions
  • P.A Mart


  • Alan Photo
  • Song Brothers

Audio Equipment

  • Hung Brothers

Tips for better purchase at Sim Lim Square

There are just so many products to choose from at Sim Lim Square!  The following guides give you a few advice and tips on how you can stretch your dollar and be a smart shopper.

Digital Still and Video Cameras

Make sure you compare prices from at least 3 to 4 shops before making your decision. There are shops that provide international warranties and some don’t, because they get their goods from different distributors. So do make necessary comparisons before going for the best bargain!


The prices for printers in Sim Lim are relatively fixed, so there is little to worry about. However there are some shops that have better promotions, for instance free cartridges or printing paper. Do check them out before making your purchase.


There are many laptop retailers, all concentrated on the 3rd 4th and 5th floor. Note that all the models that each retailer is selling are relatively the same. So we can safely assume that the cost price is the same. However there are certain shops which have extended warranty or special promotions on upgrade. Buying a laptop of our choice at a good price in Sim Lim Square is difficult, but not impossible. It is the best to check out all the stores and just decide on a few brands and models with the specifications closest to your budget. It is advisable to decide on your budget at first so you won’t be spoilt for choices. All shops do provide on the spot testing of the models, so you can have a hands-on experience on the laptop you are choosing.

MP3 Players

Most MP3 retailers also sell cameras and other digital gadgets. There are a wide range of MP3 players to choose from. It is important for you to decide on your budget in the first place thus you can narrow your scope down to a few range of models with around the same capacity. Prices are mostly the same but some retailers will throw in a few free gifts like extra headphones or protective covers. So do check out all the retailers before making the decision.

LCD monitors

You may choose to purchase LCD monitors separately for your desktop. Sim Lim is the best place to scout for the cheapest and most value for money LCD monitors. There are relatively few brands in the entire arena, namely Philips, Samsung, Viewsonic, BENQ, LG and more. The cheapest range comes from Philips and BENQ. You can get a 15 inch LCD at S$350. However, I do recommend consumers to get 17 inches one, good quality and yet under 400 dollars. Samsung and Viewsonic are rather high-end models for enthusiasts. However they are still worth a bargain thanks to their designs and specifications. Don’t let the response times fool you. Some brands boast a 3ms response times while other ranges from 8, 12, 20 and 25. Just get one that has a response time under 16ms, it is more than enough for good gaming. Those with ultra low response times like 3ms and 8ms are not visible to the naked eye and they cost a bomb, thus do some research before making purchases. Another catch is a zero dead pixel guarantee; the manufacturer will change your panel on the spot immediately if you spot a dead pixel on your panel upon purchase if your particular panel bears the zero dead pixel warranty. If you do not have any budget constraints, do not hesitate to get a LCD monitor with DVI (digital video interface) input, it is the best input money can buy, for any LCD panel in the market now. The text will be sharp and crisp as compared to traditional analog (RGB) cables. Most modern graphic cards will have a DVI interface, so go for it!


This is the most interesting part of Sim Lim Square. One can practically find anything related to computer hardware right here. The hardware section runs from the 3rd to 6th floor. You can find CPU processors from Intel and AMD, motherboards from Taiwan and USA manufacturers, RAM modules namely from Kingston, TwinMOS, Corsair and other brands. You can find virtually any graphic cards from manufacturers ATI and NVIDIA; hard disks ranging from Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi and many other components! It is the hardware haven for all DIY enthusiasts.

Do make a mental note that not all retailers bring in all the manufacturer products. Example, shop A doesn’t bring in ASUS motherboards but brings in ASUS graphics card while shop B could be vice versa. Alternatively, shop C brings in DFI motherboards but not Leadtek graphics card while shop D brings in Leadtek graphics card but not DFI motherboards. The list goes on.

Just make sure you compare prices and decide on a particular model of component to buy before heading down. If you are still a first-time user, it is likely to cause confusion thanks to the wide array of hardware available. Thus compare prices for one single component across the shops and purchase it when you strike a good deal. There are certain shops which will give you discounted prices if you intend to purchase a complete system there. They may also offer free installation if you choose to purchase your casing at the same shop as well. Some shops have a better reputation for their warranty and technical support. It will make things easier lest your hardware have problems. You can contact the shop retailer, they will be kind enough to verify the problem for you and refer you to the distributor.

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