Thousands of man-hours have been invested in the development of this site since it started in September 2005. We like to acknowledge the past and present team of developers that have made our website what it is today.

  • Miss Yeap Si Jing – Thanks for kindly starting the project.
  • Miss Yeap Si Min – For all invaluable inputs to shopping 101 and 101 things to do
  • Mr. Wan Zhong Wei – Thanks for all the lovely photos.
  • Mr. Max Sim – Thanks for all the wonderful graphics.
  • Mr. Chiang Jin Fan – Thanks for adding numerous pages of content.
  • Mr. Irvin Mak – Thanks for the overall upgrading of the site and SEO optimization.

All of you have done a great job. Thank you for your dedication, effort, and for sharing with us your time and ideas. You have made it possible for thousands of visitors to visit and we are sure that in time to come, there will be millions of visitors that will benefit from the effort that is put in.

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