Singapore Shopping Tips

Essentials for Singapore Tourists

1. Currency - Singapore Dollar (SDG$). US$1 = SDG$1.4651 [more...]

2. Tipping - Tipping is not a way of life in Singapore. It is prohibited at the airport and discouraged at hotels and restaurants where a 10% service charge is already included in the bill.

3. Budget Airlines - TigerAirways, Jetstar, Valueair [more...]

4. Voltage - 220-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second

5. Getting Around - MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Trains, Buses and Taxis [more...]

6. Phone Code - +65

7. Visa - Visit ICA

8. Weather - Tropical, ranging from 27 to 33 degree Celsius throughout the year. Rainy during the last 3 months of the year.

Make your shopping experience a fruitful one with the following shopping tips!

Shopping Hours

Most departmental stores are opened daily from 10am to 10pm. Mustafa Centre in Little India is the only departmental store that is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Credit Cards

All the major departmental stores in Singapore accept major international credit cards. Payment with credit card is safe and convenient.

Prices and Discounts

It is advisable to take time to browse and compare prices before purchasing. Only then can one be guaranteed a good deal. In most departmental stores, all items are price-tagged and fixed. However some retailers are flexible in giving discounts to buyers, thus do bargain before both parties reach an agreement. Always look around to compare prices to get the best deals. Lastest offers can be found daily in local newspapers.

Testing the product

Always ask to test any purchased equipment before you leave the shop. Be it Mp3 players, camera, memory card or others.

Money Changing

Tourists can exchange their currency at all banks and hotels. Most major departmental stores will have a licensed money changer available at your service. However one can still go down to Mustafa Centre in Little India, where there is a huge variety of international currencies available.

Receipts and Return Policies

Upon purchase, retailers will present you a proof of purchase receipt or cash slips. Remember to ask for one if the retailer forgets about it and make sure that the details, product name, serial number, credit card number and date of purchase are properly adhered to. 

Some retailers have an exchange policy, if the user is not satisfied with the goods he or she have purchased, the user may ask for a one-to-one exchange or cash refund. This is mostly applicable to larger shops and stores. There may be no such policy from smaller retailers, so do check your purchases carefully before leaving.


Most purchases often come with a warranty card. Check that the card bears the correct details of the product purchased, e.g. serial number and endorsement of the retailer' s stamp. International warranties can be obtained for many goods with a 12-month period. However some products are not accompanied by warranties and these are usually sold at a lower price. Some international warranties do have limitations and is not applicable to certain countries. Thus it is important for one to check the warranty conditions before purchasing any items. Lasty, don't forget to check that the warrenty card and invoice are carrying the correct serial number & has been properly endorsed by the retailer.

Beware of Imitation and Parallel Imported products

Saw a LV bag going for $40? Beware, there is a high chance that it is an imitation product. Sometimes you may also come across Parallel Imported products which are cheaper than the orginal import products but are not covered by warranty.

GST ( Goods & Service Tax)

Lastly, do look out for GST % in Singapore. Check with the sale staffs, whether the product is of nett price or before adding GST. The current GST rate is 7%. GST refunds can be made directly from the retailer or at the airport. Before you can make any refunds, please make sure that all details of the item you brought, such as the dealers' signature & stamp must be correct. Ask for a GST refund form from the retailer and check it for yourself. For more information check out the GST refund scheme.


Consumers Associations of Singapore (CASE), is an organisation which recognises good business practices among store-based and web-based business establishments. Should any consumer receive unsatisfactory service from any retailer, the consumer has the right to refer their situation to CASE and demand for a compensation. CASE protects and enhances consumers' interests through information and education, and promotes an environment of fair and ethical trade practices. More information on CASE can be found on the CASE website

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