Singapore Shopping 101

By now, you should know that Singapore is a shopping paradise. So, do you know where to look for the things you want in this paradise? Fear nothing, for we have prepared 101 place for you to find the things you need fast!


Watching movies in Singapore

Movies lovers will be spoilt for choice in Singapore . There are 4 Cinema company in Singapore that put up international films and many shops selling movies and serial Dvds and Vcds.


Singapore Food

Singaporeans love foods. It is almost a national obsession to find good food outlets and spend hours with friends or family at food outlets. As most races in Singapore are Chinese, Indians and Malays, the main staple are Chinese, Indian and Malay fares. However, the Peranakan food is considered one of the tastiest food by Singaporean. As it is a cosmopolitan city, it offers wider food selection you can find in Asia. Food from major continents like South American, East Asia and European can also ne found in Singapore. Likewise for American feeling homesick, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut and all their cuisine are here.


Restaurants in Singapore

There are many restaurants located around shopping malls and hotels in Singapore. Choose the type of cuisine that best interest you below and start looking through the great food that are available for you!!


Sports and Sports Apparel in Singapore

Have you been gaining weight recently? Come and sweat it out! Singapore has many sports facilities that are open to public and only require a small entry fee. Facilities range from tennis courts to a jogging stadium, gym, swimming pool and much more. Are you ready to get fit?! Check out these sports facilities and all the stores selling sports clothing and equipment now.


Entertainment and Enjoyment Places in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many places to enjoy yourself. Feeling stress lately? Let your hair down at many of our world class night clubs. Have a drink with friends and enjoy the music, or you may also dance to the music at the dance floor. Pricing of entry to clubs are also quite reasonable as compared to oversea. If clubs are too noisy for you, visit any of the many spa outlet in Singapore to have a peace of mind either through professional massage services, health and other beauty services.


Places to play tennis in Singapore

Want to have a game of tennis with your friends or family? Singapore has many tennis courts around the island. You will definately enjoy the sun and game to the fullest as all the tennis courts are built with a certain standards and all in open sun. They are located at :


Hotels and Travel

Coming from overseas, first check out these tips for a smooth arrival!


Late Night Shopping in Singapore

You can now look forward to satisfying a few more hours of retail therapy with Late Night Shopping in Singapore! We give you outlets at Orchard - the hottest shopping belt in Singapore - extending their hours till 11pm. Also, places that you can chill out 24 hours round the clock.


Tips For A Smooth Arrival

Coming to Singapore? Here are tips for a smooth arrival!

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