Shopping In Geylang Serai

Geylang Serai is the central hub for the Malays in Singapore. It a place that is filled with Malay culture! You can see traditional Malay arts and crafts like batik painting, kite-making and kampung games such as top spinning.

Traditional business and cultural activities take place in this Malay village. You can find handicrafts, rugs and fabrics, furniture, antiques and many others in shops at Geylang Serai.

There is also a Cultural Museum which features a fascinating collection of artefacts like weaving tools, musical instruments and an extensive display of a traditional Malay wedding complete with hand-sewn garments, accessories, and a Bridal Chamber. Other attractions within the Malay Village include the Muslim Showcase, Hall of Fame and Geylang Serai Corner, all offering insight into the lives of Malays in Singapore.

You can reach Geylang Serai by taking MRT to Paya Lebar Station (EW8) and then walking towards Geylang Road.

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