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There is a comprehensive range of accommodations one can find in this City State, ranging from five-star to bed and breakfast hotels. The likes of Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental and the up-market Four Seasons Hotel are available for a luxurious stay. If you are willing to splurge, book a room at Raffles Hotel or The Fullerton, Singapore's finest hotels. If you are on a tighter budget but still want a plush experience, there are the more affordable premium regional and local accomodations: Meritus Mandarin Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel or Rendezvous Hotel. Budget hotels like YMCA, YWCA and small boutique hotels are also available for the budget conscious.

It wouldn't be hard to find a classy resaurant with some of the most delicious food in town during your hotel stay. Click here to view all hotels located in Singapore.
Singapore is known as a 'Garden City' - a place of beauty and greenery, ideal for a relaxing getaway. Tourists who travel here have been impressed at the cleanliness of the city (credited to our friendly cleaners and responsible citizens!)

The Singapore tourism industry is extremely vast as there are countless travel agencies, airline companies, tour operators and cruises providing safe and enjoyable travel packages for its customers.

There are a massive array of airlines stationed in Singapore, providing passageways to other countries. Our national airline is Singapore Airlines, one of the leading airlines in the world. Its staff are trained to offer exceptional service and safe travel to and fro to different destinations.

Here is a selection of different travel related information to aid you in your travel planning :


Public Transport In Singapore 
Singapore is a city covering an area of 710.2 km. Most of the population live on the main island. The city state boasts one of the most advanced transport systems and one of the best infrastructure in Asia. The main island is linked through various forms of transport means: roads and expressways, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system (the subway as it is known in the USA), public & private buses and taxis. It is also linked to Malaysia by railways and two bridges. Taxis and buses make it convenient to travel to the State of Johor in Malaysia. The roads are normally not congested except perhaps during the peak hours. Travelling by the MRT is the most efficient way of transport in Singapore, since it is not hindered by traffic jams. If you arrive in Singapore by air without much baggage, you can consider taking the MRT from Changi Airport to your hotel.

You can reach most destinations in Singapore within an hour if you travel by car. The expressways are well-constructed with 3 to 4 lanes and are linked to other expressways and roads.

Alternatively, one can hop onto our Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), a train service that has served us since the 80s. The MRT line covers all the major towns and efficiently connects suburbs to the central business district. The recent opening of the Circle Line in 2009 makes it even faster to travel between some places. The MRT lines covers locations in different directions, and are colour-coded. They are connected to each other at particular stations, where you can change to another line. The maps are detailed and in different languages.

There is also a wide and extensive network of bus services which covers every nook and cranny in Singapore. SBS Transit and SMRT Bus Services makes Singapore accessible to even the most unvisited places. There is a guidebook on the Singapore transportation system that covers the train and bus network, which will come in handy to travelers. This guidebook is on sale at most train stations and major bookstores.

Taxi services can also come in handy should you get lost. The friendly taxi drivers will directly drive you to your requested destinations hassle-free, and a typical taxi fare will cost around 5 to 15 dollars, which is rather affordable. You can hail a taxi along any stretch of road.

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