Baleno 40% discount!

Last Updated on 14 December 2007

Baleno Sale

Baleno, an international brand known to many for its vibrant colours and casual clothing, is located at #01-79 of Parkway Parade. Now, the retail store retailing unisex clothing to suit Singapore’s weather having a sale of up to 40% off! Grab this opportunity today! 40% discount! digg:Baleno 40% discount! spurl:Baleno 40% discount! wists:Baleno 40% discount! simpy:Baleno 40% discount! newsvine:Baleno 40% discount! blinklist:Baleno 40% discount! furl:Baleno 40% discount! reddit:Baleno 40% discount! fark:Baleno 40% discount! blogmarks:Baleno 40% discount! Y!:Baleno 40% discount! smarking:Baleno 40% discount! magnolia:Baleno 40% discount! segnalo:Baleno 40% discount! gifttagging:Baleno 40% discount!

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