HMV - Movies, Music and DVDs

One of Singapore's largest CD outlet. Offers a wide variety of Musics, Movies, Games and Videos. They also have CD stations for you to listen to the songs first, before deciding whether you want to purchase the CD. You can find all kinds of music genres there.

Offering DVD and VCD with the following genres:

  • Film- Drama,Thriller & Crime, Comedy, Musicals, Western, Sci Fi, Horror, War
  • Music-Concert and MTVs
  • Children-Cartoons, Disney, Anime and Television Learning
  • Serials-Thriller & Crime, Sci-Fi and Lifestyle
  • Sports-Football, Boxing,Golf, Motorsport, Rugby, Keep Fit and Cricket
  • General Interest-Hobbies

HMV are located at :

313 Orchard Road , #04-23/24 , 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Ph : 6733 1822 ; Fax : 6733 9239

1, Raffles Link, #B1-47, CityLink, Singapore 039393
Ph : 6238 7218 ; Fax : 6238 7226

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