Korean Restaurants in Singapore

The emergence of Korean drama serials and their vibrant culture fascinated the world even in our very own heartland. So what is more to say of Korean cuisine, which is appetizing, nutritious and healthy? Such as the legendary Samgaytong, also known as ginseng chicken soup, and kimchi/kakktoge (sliced radish) accompanied with sweet and spicy chilli which melts in the mouth with every satisfying crunch of fresh leafy vegetables?

Come on down to these restaurants listed below if you are looking for some authentic Korean food that is delicious and affordable in Singapore!

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

265 Upper Thomson Road.
Tel: 6452-2112

Its a family style Korean restaurant with cosy ambience. Staff there are friendly and always ever patient to explain the dishes when you have doubts about them. Some of their must tries are:

  • Yanghyum kalbi (grilled beef) - This beef is grilled to perfection with juice oozing out into your mouth as you chew into the tender meat.
  • Kimchi chigae (spicy kimchi cabbage soup with tofu) - A traditional dish in Korean cuisine. The soup is spicy with a little bit of sourness to give your taste bud a lift.
  • Amgye-tang (ginseng chicken soup) - Soup with a whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice , brewed over time with ginseng and herbs, served hot in a big claypot.
  • Godungeo gui (grilled mackeral) - Fish grilled to perfection. Cripsy on the outside (skin ) and soft in the inside (fish meat). Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish to get a better refreshing taste.

Se ra bel Aythentic Korean Restaurant

Furama Hotel
Opening hours: 11.00am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.00pm
Phone Reservations: 65350336 / 65353038
Fax: 65387678
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yet another family style restaurant with cosy ambience. As it is located in a hotel, it attracts quite a number of Korean people staying in the hotel. Serabel also won several healthy food awards in the year of 2005 and 2006 by the Health Promotion Board Of Singapore. For those who are health conscious, this restaurant may be rather appealing to you.  You can either order your food a la carte, or order the package meal for 2, or up to 5 people. The must tries of Serabel are:

  • Korean dumpling (steamed or fried)
  • Belly pork slices with special sauce
  • Minute steak with special sauce
  • Seafood and vegetable steamboat

Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Blk 18C Dempsey Road Singapore 249677
Tel : +65 6473-9005

This Korean BBq restaurant serves high quality Korean food at its best. The special thing about this restaruant is that apart from the usual Korean menu, they also serve organic and vegetarian food for the health conscious people. The restaruant has nice ambience and luxurious decor, making it a nice place for any type of gathering.


BackPacker Hotel
11 Mosque Street Singapore 059491
Tel : 62210830

This 4 year old Korean restaurant serves authentic Korean food at a reasonable price. The moment you enter the outlet, you may think that you are really in Korea. Paper lanterns are hung over the ceiling and pictures of smiling Korean adults and children can be seen on the walls. Upon ordering any main course, complimentary dishes like Korean style asparagus, cucumber, kimchi and beansprouts will be served. What's more? You can ask for refill for as many times you like for free. Some of their must tries include:

  • Hot Stone Bowl ( Vegetable, beef, mushroom, egg, rice and special Korean chilli )
  • Barbeque pork belly ( served with lettuce, garlic, onion, potatoes and a barbeque set for you to cook the pork )
  • Ginseng Chicken Soup ( Aromatic with strong smell of herbs and ginseng. Healthy and delicious soup )
  • Silken tofu soup with seafood ( A spicy soup that has the wonderful goodness of tofu, crab meat, egg and prawn )

Ju Shin Jung

27  West Coast Highway
#01-18/19 Yess Centre
Singapore 117867

This restaurant is best suited for group gatherings or any family gatherings as the interior is bright and roomy. Ju Shin Jung is also quite popular among the Korean living in Singapore, look around you and you will definitely see korean diners around you. The menu has a complete description of the dish in English and picture to illustrate it. Like most Korean restaurants, small Korean side dishes will be served upon ordering any main course and you get unlimited toppings upon request. Some of the must tries there are:

  • Egg and beef rib soup
  • Beef sirloin, rib and brisket BBQ ( comes with the bbq set for you to grill the meat )
  • Beef Tongue
  • Mix mushroom
  • Green onion salad
  • Hot Stone Bowl
  • Chilled tofu

Hyang-To-Gol Korean Restaurant

The Amara Singapore Hotel Level 2
165 Tanjong Pagar Road

Stepping into Hyang-To-Gol makes you think of Jewel In The Palace at once. A traditional Korean drum (as seen in Jang Geum's palace) is displayed proudly for all to see at the entrance. As you approach the drum in fascination, a league of Hanbok-clad ladies, lined neatly alongside the wall, will charmingly greet you in melodious Korean. If you love your kimchi, you'll love Hyang-To-Gol for their variety of banchan . There are 3 different kinds of kimchi served, namely the freshly marinated cabbage kimchi, the aged (pickled for at least two weeks) kimchi, and the kakktoge radish kimchi. Together with a tantalising kimchi stew, these are the usual ‘permanent residents' on the banchan list. Some of the must try dishes are:

  • Lospyeonchae(prime beef that is slightly roasted to retain every bit of its juices and tenderness)
  • Kimchi stew
  • Pan-fried Seafood with Spring Onion Pancake
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