Mayfair Optical House

This week, we visit one of the longest lasting optical shops in Singapore - Mayfair Optical House!

Mayfair Optical HouseLocated in the third story of Peninsular Plaza, our visit to Mayfair Optical House was very hospitably received by Mrs Elsie Siow, the owner of the shop.  According to Mrs Elsie, this shop has been in operation for over 50 years, and has been passed down for generations!

Besides being the regular optical shop prescribing normal spectacles, Mayfair really scores in its variety of optical solutions they provide!  Name what you want - sports sunglasses, safety glasses, contact lenses, transition lenses, titanium frames... you'll find it all there!

Mayfair Comoframes - Spectacle Frames for BabiesMayfair is also the sole distributor for a very special breed of spectacle frames - baby spectacle frames for infants and children from age 3 months to 3 years!   These specialized baby frames "Comoframes" and lenses "Comoglass" are extremely safe for children, because there aren't any loose and small parts like screws, and are totally soft and bendable, so they don't get smashed even if your child decides to treat them as toys!

Some of the other brands that Mayfair holds include Police, Nikon, Regency Gold, Rudy Project, Roda Stock, DKNY, Fendi, Rayband and Tai Takibo.

Until 31st August Only - Mayfair is running a 40% off exclusive to visitors of! Check out the great deal!


Shop Details:
Mayfair Optical House Pte Ltd
111 North Bridge Road #03-41
Peninsular Plaza
Singapore 179098
Tel: 63373972/63383232
Fax: 63373972

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