Traditional Malay Shopping at Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam used to be the home of Malay Royalty. Today, it remains as an important area to the local Malay community. At Kampong Glam, you will never miss the Sultan Mosque that has a striking golden dome on the top of the building. The Sultan Mosque is surrounded by rows of shop houses that you might be interested in. The Malay Heritage Centre can also be found there which holds a museum and restaurant that are open to the public. The main street which leads up to Sultan Mosque is the Bussorah Street that has many shop houses and eateries. So lets check out the stores at Bussorah Street now.

Grandfather's Collection

Sells antiques, vintage stuff like books, toys and collectibles. You may find something you really like there, so do check it out and uncover some gems!

Melor's Curios

A shop that retails and wholesales special furniture, handicrafts and paintings. Products from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and even Europe can also be found there. You can't get these furniture and products from common local furniture stores.

Little Shophouse

A place that sells many Peranakan things. You can find ethnic clothing and accessories sold here. The shop does attract a good mix of locals and tourists alike.

Wayan Retreat Balinese Spa

Tired after your shopping? Fret not, as you can enjoy a good Balinese spa treatment at Wayan Retreat. This shop offers services such as massages, body wraps and hand therapies. Immerse yourself in the tranquil 'woody' settings of the spa, so much so you might actually believe you are in Bali, even for a brief moment.

Arab Street

Merchandise such as handicrafts, clothes, textiles, basket ware, jewellery etc have a distinctly Islamic, Malay, Indonesian or Arabic influence. Activities by the inhabitants are centered around the famous Sultan Mosque where Muslims would meet for prayers and social interaction. Popular with Singaporeans of all races is the excellent Islamic food offered by several restaurants situated along North Bridge Road.

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