Cafes, Deli and Snacks

In Singapore, there are many cafes located around the island. From neighbourhoods to business districts and also in shopping malls. It not difficult in Singapore to find a nice place to eat and talk with friends. Listed below are some cafes that most Singaporeans frequent.


Has more then 50 outlets around the island. They provide great beverages and food at affordable prices. Pastries are a definite must try when u visit their outlets. There is a wide variety of pastries ranging from breads, viennoiseries, feuillété, cakes and tarts. They also sell lunch and dinner main courses such as, pasta, pizza, roast lamb/chicken, steak and fillets. Also, remember to try their dessert like, Chocolate fondue, waffles with ice-cream, butter croissant with icecream, Caramelized cream custard and lastly, their signature bread pudding.  
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Starbucks serve your favourite coffee, cakes and pastries. Starbucks is very popular among young adults and teenagers. It is a place with nice ambience and comfortable tables and chairs for you to either enjoy cakes and coffee over a book or chat with friends. Some of the popular favourites are the chocolate eclair and warm chocolate cake, best to be shared with friends over a cup of coffee. The perfect way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon!

Old Chang Kee

Old Change Kee is famous for their curry puffs, deep fried squid and many others!! Whether u are visiting a friend nearby, or just need to grab a bite before dinner, Old Change Kee is the perfect place for you! Their curry puffs have generous fillings and their deep fried squids are crispy and meaty. Definitely mouth-watering. Not recommended for weight-watchers, though.

Mr Bean

Mr Bean is a store that sells soy bean products such as soy bean milk, beancurd, soy bean pan cakes and many more. Must tries are their ginger soymilk, tuna pancake, almond beancurd, and their soy biscuits. Eat snacks in a healthy way at Mr Bean! Click here for a list of Mr Bean outlet locations.

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