Fast Food Outlets in Singapore

Fast Foods are popular among teens in Singapore. During lunch time and weekends, crowds of youngsters gather in fast food outlets for food and gatherings with friends. Here are those fast food chains and outlets that you would never miss when you visit Singapore.

McDonald promotes eating fast food in a healthy way. From selling only burgers and fries, they now sell fruits, low-fat yoghurt, salad, lemon lime juice, Coke Light. On top of that, they also use 100% vegetable oil for their fries, 100% beef is used in their burger beef patties. You may also request for less sauce or no sauce for your burgers and less salt or no salt for your fries. Recently, McDonald launched its 24 hour around the clock delivery. Hungry while doing a report in the middle of the night? call 6777 3777 to order and have your fresh made burgers and fries delivered to you in approximately 20mins time!
Mos Burger
Rice lovers will like Mos Burger as they serve the popular rice burger! Instead of the traditional bread burger, Mos Burger uses rice in replacement instead. Grilled rice buns are compressed into the flat shape like a slice of bread and filled with meat or fish. On the other hand, they also use their own secret sauce inside the burger. The rice bun soaks up the sauce without becoming mushy, thus eating the burger is simliar to eating a bowl of Japanese's rice with sauce and meat.

Burger King
The famous burger fast food restaurant. Sells a wide range of burgers such as the WHOPPER Sandwich range that consists of Double Whopper, Triple Whopper, Whopper JR and Whopper. Next is the Fire-Grilled Burgers range that consist of The Angus Steak Burger, Hamburger, Double Hamburger, CheeseBurger and Double Cheeseburger. The chicken,fish and veggie burgers range of Tender Crisp/Spicy TenderCrisp Chicken sandwich, Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Bk chicken Fries, Original Chicken Sandwich and the Bk Big Fish. Burger King also sells nice delicious snacks such as Taro Pie, Dutch Apple Pie, Hershey Sundae Pie, Shakes,Onion rings, chicken cheese sticks and fries. What are you waiting for? Head down to your closest Burger King outlet now!

Your tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken!! Chicken lovers will definitely be familiar with KFC. Their trademark fried chicken is addictive and yummy! Choose your chicken to be either crispy or original and start savouring the tender chicken meat. KFC not only merely sells fried chicken, they are also famous for their Zinger Burger that is spicy and meaty, Cheese Fries that are top with tasty cheese and mayoneisse, Whipped potato that is piping hot, Bandito Pocket for the more health conscious consumers and popcorn chicken. In recent years KFC has added more food to their menu, such as the Shrooms Burger, O.R Fillet Burger and chicken salad.

Long John Silver

Catch The Great Seafood Moments!" Like what Long John Silver says, they ensure that you will enjoy great seafood moments at Long John Silver. Their menu consists of a variety of fish, chicken and shrimp meals. Choose from grilled fish, chicken or prawn with rice or fried chicken or fish with fries and drinks. There are also different wraps available. Grilled chicken wrap, fried fish wrap or fried chicken wrap filled with fresh diced tomato, veggie and mayonise. Breakfast is also available in Long John Silver such as toast, potato salad, sausage and beans.

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