Singapore's Mobile Phone Market - SingTel, Mobile One and StarHub

Because of the ever-changing society and advancements in technology, communication has become a very important tool in one’s life. So if you are not shopping alone in the city, chances are that you might just get so drawn in the great deals that you lose sight of your shopping partners! So, it is a must to get yourself equipped. You need a mobile phone!

While there are thousands of shops selling mobile phones all around the island, all are resellers of the only three mobile phone service providers in Singapore: SingTel, Mobile One and StarHub. Each offers different and very attractive packages, whether you are looking for a pre-paid card or if you are looking for a subscription plan.

These offers often also include free SMS (Short MessagesServices), free outgoing talk time, free incoming calls and also due to the recent launch of 3G technology in Singapore, there are also data packages that offer a free amount of data to be downloaded and free video talktime using 3G mobile phones.

Here are more details about each provider.


SingTel was the first to provide telecommunication services in Singapore. Today, they provide mobile service packages that range from as low as $19.95 to high prices like $197.40. Whether you are a light user, like students, or if you need a power packed heavyweight package for business, you can be sure to find the plan for you at SingTel

For more information about SingTel’s plans and services, checkout the SingTel website.

Mobile One

Mobile One or M1 in short is well known for providing quality voice calls in Singapore. Their dual-band GSM 900/1800MHz network has100.0% coverage of Singapore, meaning that you can enjoy quality voice call anywhere in Singapore.

M1 provides great service packages for business people. Fora price of $164.20, you can get 5000 minutes of talk time free, 300 SMSes free and cheaper outgoing talk time.

For more information about M1’s plans and services, checkout the M1 website.


StarHub is Singapore's youngest service provider and also the first telecom to provide free incoming call services in Singapore. StarHub is well known for providing cheap and good service packages to consumers whether they are business or normal usage users.

Frequent road shows and promotions can also be seen at Orchard Road, so be sure to check out their booth – who knows you might get a great deal!
For more information about StarHub’s plans and services, checkout the StarHub website.

Mobile Phone Prices

With new phone models appearing by the day - the mobile phone prices in Singapore is a raging market, and whether you are a gadget freak who cannot do with the latest phone in your hands, or if you are a basic user looking for the cheapest deal, do check out our Singapore Mobile Phone Price Watch, featuring a price comparison of the models of mobile phones sold by the three main providers in Singapore.

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