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Changi airport is the world's best airport in mainly flight services; however it is not just about flight and airplanes, let your shopping spree begin after the long flight to Singapore!

Changi Airport offers over 160 shopping and dining experiences at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. They have the lowest rates for liquor, tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics among any other airports in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, liquor and tobacco products are 40%- 60% cheaper than they are in stores downtown while perfumes and cosmetics are up to 40% lower. On top of that, fashion, sports equipment, gifts, and others can be found in Changi Airport too! You are sure to enjoy good food while at the same time being able to satisfy your own unique taste of fashion at Changi Airport!

Are you still feeling bored while waiting for your flight? What are you waiting for? Check out the Changi Airport Shop and Dining sections now!

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